Performance & features

What is Ah?
It denotes the capacity of the battery in terms of Ampere hour. It states how much current(Amps) battery can be delivered for a specific time.
What is Kilo watt hour?
Kilo watt hour Kwh denotes the electrical energy consumption per hour.
How many units
Units per charge denotes the electrical energy consumption per charge.(1 Unit=1Kw energy consumption)
How is the vehicle power measured?
Vehicle power depend on the used motor power.
Can I convert my existing Lead acid battery powered vehicle to Lithium Ion powered?
Can be possible through OEM. It is not recommended due to the difference in wiring harness, frame, cluster, charger components .
How many models do we have?
7 ongoing models — V48, V48Li, Reo, ReoLi, Reo-Elite, Magnus, Zeal.

Industrial Models — Trisul, Mitra

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Comparison Your Vehicle Ampere Vehicles
Cost of Fuel / Charging 15 paisa / km
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Battery Maintenance

What is cycle life?
It denotes one complete charge and discharge of the battery.
What is the difference between Lead Acid & Lithium Ion battery?
Li battery technology introduced to increase the battery cycle life also it reduces the charging time,Battery Weight and battery volume.Li battery can be easily adoptable it will not have any space constraint.Li battery will increases the vehicle performance as well as the vehicle cost.
When do i charge my battery?
Always charging can be done after complete discharge.15~30 minutes time gap between the charging and discharging reduces the degradation and failure rate due to the temperature raise.Night time is preferred to charge the battery.
How long do I need to charge my battery?
To avoid overcharging LA and Li battery should not be charged more than 10 hours and 6 hours respectively.
Is my battery safe to be charged at home?
Battery should not be charged over high temperature areas.
Is the battery water proof?
Yes all batteries are waterproof
Can I charge my battery when its half discharged?
Not recommended but you can charge in case of any emergency.
How do I ensure that my battery has a healthy life?
We can measure the battery health using battery discharger instrument.

Service & Support

Are there free services upon purchase of E Bikes from Ampere?
Sorry, we don’t offer free services
How long does it take to service my electric bike?
Recommended service period for the battery is every 3 month from the date of purchase.
Where can I get my spare parts?
Dealers can arrange the spare parts based on the customer request.

Safety Features

Can I ride when its raining as its electric? riding on slopes? Can our bike be charged by any other 3rd party charger?

Mostly EV’s are not recommended to run in stagnant water. Riding in raining is not a problem. Continuous slope, overload also not recommended for standard models. Unique models can be used for the specific applications which is recommended by OEM. Third party chargers strictly prohibited.


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