Value-Rich Electric Scooters

Going electric isn’t new for us. We switched to this line of thought way back in 2008. We are a group of early believers, the committed, the passionate few who saw answers beyond the obvious.

This belief is reflected in the design, development, and manufacturing of Ampere Electric scooters. Come share our journey. The road built on perseverance is best traveled with those who are fully charged.

Savings-meter compared to petrol @ ₹100/litre

Daily Commute in kms

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Mileage in kms

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Monthly Savings


Annual Savings


Your Vehicle Ampere Vehicle
Mileage - It’s Electric
Cost of Fuel / Charging - 15 paisa / km
Daily Expenditure - -
Monthly Expenditure - -
Annual Expenditure - -

Now save the planet while saving for your plans

Please note

The calculator above compares your Petrol scooter with ampere electric scooters and gives you an estimate of how much you can save daily, monthly, and annually. The calculation is made by understanding the following data:

The number of kilometers you commute on a Petrol scooter every day

The mileage your vehicle gives

The current Petrol rate fixed at ₹100/litre

Based on this data, it calculates the average amount of your savings. Since electric scooters are battery operated, it gives you an approximate of the amount that you would spend on charging your electric vehicle against the amount you spend on fuel.

Get freedom from fuel prices and fuel your dreams and aspirations instead with Ampere's sustainable mobility.

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