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Partnering with Ampere as a dealer presents numerous growth opportunities. The future is electric and we are on a path towards sustainable mobility. Our electric vehicles stand apart with innovative charging technologies and a comfortable yet stylish design. Join us in bringing Eco-friendly mobility in the lives of the masses and help the planet stay green.

The Big 6 R’s we assure to all our Dealer Partners

The Big 6 R’s we assure to all our Dealer Partners


Ampere offers a wide range of electric scooters that are manufactured in India and drive our community towards sustainability with comfort and style.


With Ampere's #NewAgeEnergy and 162 years of trust from Greaves, you will always have our support. Ampere's network stretches to 300+ cities across India and steadily grows. This growing reach presents even more opportunities.


Ampere by Greaves believes in trust and quality. For more than a decade, Ampere has been powering India with #NewAgeEnergy, and today, well over 1,20,000 happy customers ride on our Electric scooters.


With a network of 350+ retail outlets, Ampere by Greaves aims to provide Eco-Friendly Mobility to the masses and takes great pride in bringing an electrifying change in our society.


Join our dream of a future powered by sustainable mobility that helps decrease CO2 emissions that give rise to pollution. Help preserve the environment, make travel cheaper and play your part in making the planet greener.


Our partnership brings mutual growth and benefits as we aid each other. Earn profits off of our growing market, superior product and service margins. Join Ampere and take charge of your life with #NewAgeEnergy.

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