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Ampere Electric Vehicles stores have pan India presence. With more than 300+ stores in India, we strive to come closer to our customers to serve them better. Started off with the southern parts of India, Ampere now has stores in the western, eastern and northern parts too. With the Technology centre based in Bangalore and manufacturing in Coimbatore, Ampere has a fast growing customer base in metros, urban and rural towns.

Why Choose Electric Scooters in Cities?

The demand for battery powered electric scooters is ever-increasing. Electric scooter is a viable option in metro cities as it provides a faster and more convenient ride through traffic and narrow lanes. Demands for Electric scooter in Bangalore are surging as people are finding it more expensive and time consuming to travel on petrol based vehicles. Electric scooters give them the freedom to ride without the added concern of refueling. Additionally, it helps in cost saving compared to petrol based vehicles by a distinct margin.

Due to the convenience in charging, and the daily costs that electric scooters help consumers save, these battery powered electric vehicles are fast becoming a go-to option. Heavily polluted cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore are home to excessive traffic and CO2 emissions. The rise of Electric Scooters in these cities will help in reducing the pollution levels. Price of electric scooter in Bangalore is a good bargain when you consider the savings in the larger scheme of things. For the price of an electric scooter, you help save more economically, as well as ecologically.

The idea of riding an electric Scooter in Mumbai is picking up quickly due to the range that Ampere provides in its electric scooters. Sturdy and built for harsh and pothole filled roads, Ampere V48 Series and Ampere Reo series are a good option for everyday commute in Mumbai. Ampere has built a reputation within Maharashtra with a growing customer base for electric scooters in Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad, New Bombay, Palghar, Vasai-Virar and many other locations as well. These locations demand a high speed electric scooter with promising quality, and Ampere's range of electric scooters fulfills this criteria.

Find an Ampere Store near You

Ampere stores is present in more than 250 cities in India. We are seeing ever-growing dealerships partnering with Ampere paving way for more stores to come up. To be able to direct you to an Ampere dealership nearby, we have devised a quick and easy procedure to connect you easily with your nearest Ampere store. You can visit and buy an electric scooter, or book online and pay the rest at the store! You can also book a test ride from the comfort of your home. All you must do is enter your pin code or address, enter the radius within which you want to find an Ampere store and hit search. You can search for a store as close as 1 km and as far as 300 km!

We are all over the country, but we are just a click away from you.