it up.Ampere introduces
the Zeal e-scooter!

Electric Bikes
Industrial Vehicles

Electric Bikes

Affordable, eco-friendly, stylish electric bikes with wide range of speed and performance to suit all your needs


it up.Get Zinged
with Zeal   

No Licence Required


No Registeration Required


Runs on Electricity


Portable Battery

The all new variants powered by Lithium ions
V48 Li
Reo Li

Industrial Vehicles

Supporting various industries with our two widely used product line, to make the commute a better experience.



Low Maintenance


Runs on Electricity


Portable Battery

Go eco friendly with our next gen of industrial vehicles

10 years of Ampere

Started in 2008 to revolutionise electric vehicles in India to provide ‘Affordable Personal Mobility’ solutions. We have come a long way in design, development, manufacturing and marketing of battery-operated electric cycles, two wheelers, three wheelers and custom built vehicle. Now it’s time for us to step up and look forward for another decade of innovation.

Empowering Women

At ampere, over 30% of our employees are women who are highly skilled and knowledgeable.

Strong Technical

Ampere vehicles has a decade of experience in building and manufacturing electrical vehicles, with our experience and current advancement in our research and development, we are looking forward to push the boundaries of electric vehicles across India.

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