Cost effective Electric Scooters

Are fuel prices eating into a lot of your savings? Is the increasing cost of petrol bringing you down? Ampere Electric Scooters are here to pull you out of this exact ditch. And these aren’t just statements made out of thin air. Fuel and overhead costs of your vehicle take more money out of your pocket every month that you can save on by opting for electric scooters. Understand this math better with the cost saving calculator we here at Ampere have devised for your reference.

Calculate your savings
Your Vehicle vs Ampere

How many kilometres do you commute daily with your vehicle?




What is the mileage of your vehicle?  


1km / ltr

100km / ltr

What is the fuel rate?  




Comparison Your Vehicle Ampere Vehicles
Cost of Fuel / Charging 15 paisa / km
Daily Expenditure
Monthly Expenditure
Annual Expenditure

For Your Commute of

Daily Savings


Monthly Savings


Annual Savings


The calculator above compares your current vehicle with ampere electric scooters and gives you an estimate of how much you can save daily, monthly, and annually. The calculation is made by understanding the following data:

  1. The number of kilometers you commute on your fuel based vehicle every day
  2. The mileage your fuel based vehicle gives
  3. The current fuel rate

Based on this data, it calculates the average amount of your savings. Since electric scooters are battery operated, it gives you an approximate of the amount that you would spend on charging your electric vehicle against the amount you spend on fuel. Finally, it calculates your overall daily, weekly and monthly expenditure on your fuel based vehicle and compares it with the overall daily, weekly, and monthly calculation of your expenditure riding an electric scooter.

There is a world of difference in the amount you save if you choose Ampere Electric Scooters. An investment of sorts, all you have to do is pay the electric scooter price and not worry about any more daily payments out of your pocket. The electric scooter market has sought and received support from various sectors. Battery powered vehicles are encouraged in this economy and hence the subsidy on electric scooters has seen a hike. Keeping the benefits in terms of cost in mind, Ampere is also home to battery powered industrial vehicles for safer, easier and faster work in this field.

Electric scooter in India is an ever-increasing market that is gaining more popularity with each passing day. The demand has increased given the target audience which encapsulates teenagers, adults, as well as older people. The cost of electric scooter in India is well in the interest of people from low socio-economic backgrounds. The affordability factor is enticing enough for people. From the service industry to commercial working professionals, electric scooters have generated curiosity in people to explore electric vehicles as their primary mode of transport. With the help of electric scooters, they will have a convenient and faster way of commuting that won’t burn a hole in their pockets.

There’s enough evidence to support the fact that battery powered electric scooters are extremely cost effective. On a macro-economic level, your cost savings on electric scooters enables you to use those savings for hosting other essentials. And to top it all off, this endeavor will save you money, and in turn, you will be helping save the environment from pollution as well.



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