Restless You, Restless Us

Practicing social distancing for about 3 odd months in lockdown has made everyone ‘stir crazy’. What began as a fun respite from the usual responsibilities has twisted into a familiar prison, disrupting everyone’s daily routine. Since all non-essential traveling is discouraged, your cars, bikes, and electric scooters have been sitting in the parking lot waiting to be driven. We’re all cooped up at home endlessly, with a considerably limited amount of activity to do leaving us bored and restless.

Change in Lifestyle Post COVID-19

Among a mix of emotions that people are experiencing right now, the most prominent one is craving social interaction. “Human beings are social animals by nature.” While facetime and zoom calls have definitely helped in bridging the gap, it is normal to crave for an outing with friends. Going out to eat, playing cricket, or something as simple as sitting by the beach is longed for. Going to work isn’t so dreadful anymore. All that fun with colleagues, the coffee breaks are dearly missed. Entertainment, shopping, food, and most importantly travel have been the worst-hit industries due to the lockdown. Everyone is dying to meet their near and dear ones and cannot wait for the operations to resume. Staying home locked for so long, people have been missing their shopping sprees, tasting new things, sweating it out in the gym. Once markets reopen, people are going to emerge outside and get their lives back on track. This paves way for stringently optimized mobility solutions than what was the norm previously. One that is safe and comfortable, quick to move, versatile, and affordable at the same time. While rental cabs, shared rickshaws, public transport like buses and trains served the purpose before, in 2020, those shared transport systems are not safe and reliable options. The core organizations that will resume work will maintain adequate social distancing etiquettes, with a small percentage of employees. For traveling to work or for essential travel too, opting for cabs is not the best option. Commuting by cars ideally must be minimal as sanitizing the whole vehicle after every use would be very difficult. Just like SPARTAN, the strongest warriors who have hardened by extreme training and devote their lives for the country and are dependable in times of crisis. Ampere too delivers on all the aspects that help rebuild the country through these difficult times. It promises:
  • Sustainability
  • Protection
  • Affordability
  • Responsibility
  • Trustworthiness
  • Alive and lively
  • Nation Friendly
Ampere Vehicles ensures this by providing smart mobility solutions with Ampere electric scooters.


Ampere electric scooters have achieved a huge milestone on the road to sustainability. These battery powered electric scooters do not release toxic gases or greenhouse emissions. Buying an Ampere electric scooter is equivalent to planting 12 trees! With global warming, COVID, cyclones, heatwaves, and now locusts, we have seen enough of the wrath of nature to make us realize the emergence of a green and sustainable planet to slow down climate change.


Spartans are simple, frugal, and austere beings. Similarly, Ampere provides affordable and economical mobility solutions with significant cost saving as compared to fuel-based vehicles. Ampere electric scooters in India provide negligible maintenance costs, added with the facility of affordable payment as well as leasing options. The electric scooter price being affordable and convenient helps to truncate the total cost of ownership.


Ampere electric scooters are built to last with clean, advanced, and superior performance and technology. As it complies with the appropriate standards of automobile requirements, it is a responsible source of commute. Ampere provides a design fit for all our customers’ ranges. Ampere’s low-speed electric scooters can be ridden without the hassles of a license and registration. They provide youthful and trendy electric scooters for riding well within speed limits and endorse responsible driving, deeming them appropriate for children and senior citizens as well. Even its high speed electric scooters are lightweight and convenient to ride.


Having provided mobility solutions for over 12 years with its high-quality products, Ampere has gained the trust of its 60,000+ customers. Get quick and easy charging on the go and optimum range in a single charge with Ampere electric scooters along with 3-years+ warranty. These aspects provide assurance and reliability on Ampere electric scooters.


Get rid of your stress, restlessness, and cabin fever caused due to lockdown by getting on an Ampere electric scooter and taking a quick ride nearby. Ride guilt-free with your electric scooter causing no CO2 emissions, and no waiting in long petrol station queues. With its comfortable and convenient driving experience, Ampere electric scooters make you feel lively.

Nation Friendly

Ampere is proud to be made in India, made by India, and made for India. It is manufactured and produced indigenously in Coimbatore, thus promoting the Make in India initiative. It reduces the dependency on foreign imports for fuel. With its last-mile delivery solutions, it also provides dealership and employment opportunities to many small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs, thus promoting ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.

Ampere shields us from various enemies like pollution, global warming, and increasing fuel prices. It also endlessly supports us in our long battle with infections in this “new normal” post COVID-19. It helps build a sustainable, green future. Like everyone else, Ampere is just as restless, aiming to deliver quality products and services. Ampere leaves you with the promise of utmost care and precision that is and will continue to be taken to design every vehicle, making daily commute on their electric scooters exciting for its restless customers.

Pre book your Ampere electric scooter today, or head to a store nearby and be armed for this new, challenging time ahead.



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