5 Reasons Why Ampere Electric Scooter Is The Perfect Delivery Partner

Keeping in mind the new-fangled circumstances, where everyone is supposed to stay at home; keep themselves as well as those around them safe. All the essential goods, from food to medical supplies, need to be safely and conveniently delivered at the doorstep, for the lockdown to seamlessly serve its purpose. Thus, creating the need for last-mile delivery as means of revenue, Ampere electric scooter meets this necessity. Thus, being able to get across the home locked individuals and potential shoppers, who otherwise cannot step out and have access to the consumables and services. For segments such as bakery, medicines, sweet marts, servicing technicians, fruit & vegetable sellers, non-veg food sellers, an efficient means of transport is currently a priority.

While businesses, big and small, are doing their best to stay in the game, they are exploring ways to reach out to the customers directly. They are also facing certain hardships in the same; cash crunch being one, which brings the need and urgency for reliable and affordable solutions. For ensuring maximum sales during and post Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, bringing into the picture, Ampere Electric Vehicles, one-stop solution in these challenging times for meeting order deliveries.

Here are 5 reasons why Ampere Electric Scooter is the perfect partner for fulfilling your order deliveries:

1. Lower Operational Cost

Ampere electric scooters have significantly lower running costs of 15p/km when compared to petrol equivalents with 1.6 Rs/km (on an average). If you travel around 50 km every day, this will lead to monthly savings worth Rs.2,200 and annual savings worth Rs.26,000.

2. High Payload Capacity

The Payload capacity of Ampere electric two-wheeler is 130 kg, which makes it easier for the hyper-local delivery companies, shop/mart owners, e-commerce, etc. to ensure delivery of a substantial amount of essential needs such as household staples, packaged food, health care, hygiene, personal safety, and other high priority products reach customers during and after the lockdown.

Bigbasket using Ampere Zeal for deliveries

3. Extended Warranty

Ampere provides an additional 3-years or 10,000 km warranty on the vehicle as well as 10% off on the purchase of a spare battery.

4. Affordable EMIs

Duly understanding the gravity of the current situation, Ampere also provides affordable EMIs starting at Rs.48/day.

5. Low Maintenance

Ampere electric scooters are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. The maintenance cost is minimal which aids in further truncating the total cost of ownership.

Cut Costs, Not Savings

Ampere electric scooter empowers individuals and businesses in its objective to bring a difference in society with cost-effective, sustainable and eco-friendly mobility solutions. According to KSA Technopak, food and groceries alone had a $550-bn market in 2019-20, of which the e-commerce share was only $2.5 bn. The rest comes from the 11 million small grocery stores and mom & pop shops. Along with the support of 3,00,000 distributors and wholesalers. Besides, this is very significant for non-durable goods which form a major chunk of the consumption kitty of the Indian economy.

The profit of the micro retailers in selling the essential products works out to about Rs. 15,000 per month. Currently, most delivery boys in India use their own scooters/motorbikes and spend close to Rs.300/day on petrol costs. This results in 85-90% savings in the operational cost compared to the conventional fuel-based two-wheelers.

Ampere electric scooters not only enables these businesses to emerge out of the pandemic situation unscathed but will also help India move ahead.

Also setting environmental concerns at the heart of your business is a key part of demonstrating your corporate (CSR) or small business social responsibility (SBSR). The lighter we take the subject of climate change, the heftier it will cost. According to the Environment Ministry, India roughly needs $2.5 trillion to tackle climate change for this decade. When the same result is being observed within a shorter span (courtesy: lockdown) and at a much lower cost, it must not be atrophied.

Green finance is the need of the hour. Let us ride together with Ampere towards a better future, better environment, better health, with lots of savings. #KalKoBachao



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