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    Dealerships with ampere

    Joining hands with Ampere as a dealer brings with itself a number of opportunities for your growth. Electric scooter in India is garnering popularity by the hour. Battery-powered electric scooters are being recognized for their ease in travel and convenient charging. You can be the bridge between Ampere electric scooters and its customers. This will not only benefit us or the consumer but you, as a dealer will also be getting benefits and advantages of electric scooter sales.
    To give you clarity about why joining hands with Ampere Electric Vehicles for dealerships is a golden opportunity.

    We assure the Big 6 R’s to all our partnered dealerships.


    Ampere offers a wide range of electric scooters that are suitable for all ages of people. It is a convenient and fast way of transport for youth to get to their schools and colleges. For working professionals and office goers, it helps in saving fuel costs as well as overheads. Ampere Electric Scooters are built for the elderly to have safe and comfortable rides too!


    With Ampere and the power of Greaves, you will never be alone. We are present in 300+ cities across India and growing, and these numbers only seem to be going upwards. This increase in our reach brings with itself plenty of electric scooter dealership opportunities.


    Ampere by Greaves breeds on trust and quality. For over 10 years now, Ampere has proven its worth in the market. And over the course of this duration, we have over 75,000 happy customers .


    By joining hands with Ampere as a dealer, you will have the opportunity to be associated with the Greaves brand and join the channel network of 350+ retail outlets. Work with Ampere, and enjoy benefits that come with your electric scooter dealership.


    Become the source to a better world with electric mobility. Battery powered electric vehicles help in decreasing CO2 emissions that give rise to pollution, and in turn help in sustaining the environment. Along with making travel cheaper and convenient for people, be recognized for your responsible contribution towards a greener earth.


    Our growth is mutually beneficial. We each can’t succeed without the other. This is your time to profit from a growing market, the superior product and service margins. Join Ampere, and discover the potential of the aftermarket network.


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    വിൽപ്പനയും ഉപഭോക്തൃ പിന്തുണയും
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