Why switch to electric scooters

For a better tomorrow, switch to Electric Vehicles Today


During these “tough”, unprecedented times where one has ample time to connect with their near and dear ones, discover their hidden superpowers, work on themselves, or for simply Netflixing and Doordarshaning. I have been introspecting (among other things). Courtesy: evening walks on the terrace surrounded by clear blue skies, fresh air, and chirping birds. One cannot help but wonder if it would remain the same in few days from now when life goes back to normalcy, when vehicles are back and we all would go back on the streets painting the skies grey. This is when I realized, electric vehicles are need of the hour.



Not long ago, the whole world was wailing about the growing concerns regarding the deteriorating environment and pollution levels. According to data compiled in IQAir AirVisual’s 2019 World Air Quality Report, 21 of the 30 most polluted cities in the world are from India, with 6 in the top 10. The air quality in these cities deteriorated into the hazardous category, with the potential to cause respiratory diseases .Few of which therefore saw the regular usage of face masks way before the corona pandemic plagued the country. It resulted in the declaration of a public health emergency, flights getting diverted, schools getting cancelled, the government forced to take stringent action and draft new policies.

According to WHO, 7 million premature deaths a year is caused due to air pollution globally, mainly cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and respiratory infections. Exposure to vehicular emissions such as nitrates, sulfates, carbon monoxide, etc. are linked to heart and lung disorders and weakens cognitive and immune functions.

List of World’s Most Polluted Cities

Source: AirVisual –IQAir


Other than being lighter on the pocket with all the saved petrol/diesel costs, electric vehicles are a boon to the environment as well. Zero fuel emission is the biggest reason one needs to make the switch to electric. EVs are better for the environment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to improve the air quality, as well as for our health. It also helps curb noise pollution as it produces less noise than the combustion engines, thus providing a more peaceful environment to us all.

The countries that have primarily been using electric vehicles are also ranked high in the air quality index as per the 2019 Air Quality Reportby IQAir AirVisual.

Countries with highest share of electric vehicles in 2018

Source: IQAir

Country wise list of PM2.5 concentration

Source: IQAir

China, despite being the most populous country in the world, has improved its air quality by a significant amount over the past few years and has successfully shifted its name from the “unhealthy” air quality index to “unhealthy for sensitive groups.” Much of its credit, among other things, go to the shift in the electric vehicle use.


Is the environment-friendly factor not enough to help you make up your mind? Looking for a substantial reason to switch to electric scooter? I’ll give you 8.

1. Electric scooters are lightweight, they can conveniently be used by everyone. Young and old. Men and women. They are pretty easy to learn and maneuver. Battery-operated two-wheelers are for everyone.

2. They require low maintenance cost and lower maintenance activities. Electric scooters requires lower charging time compared to four-wheeler electric vehicles.

3. Ever experienced that mini heart attack you get when you have just 5 mins to reach to that very important exam or meeting or that movie you’ve been waiting for long, and you are stuck in heavy traffic? Yes, we all have. Electric scooter is your saviour in these moments. Navigate fast, move fast.

4. Needless to say, there is also the ‘ease to park’ factor. Moreover, the municipality designated parking spots are free for electric scooters and vehicles.

5. Under the subsidy scheme of FAME-II India (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of electric vehicle in India) NITI Aayog announced, GST for the qualified electric vehicles reduced from 12% to 5%. Ampere is one of the five electric scooter and bike brands to have been benefited from the subsidy.

6. Riding around on your two-wheeler in good weather is pleasant. When the mood is right, riding in the rains feels amazing too. Yes, it’s a stress buster for many. Leisure riding on electric scooter without worrying about the “need-to-spend-a-few-bucks-on-the-oh-so-increasing-petrol-price” is a win-win!

7. Registration fees is not required for slow speed electric scooters (The cost benefits are endless).

8. You can also do your bit for the economy by saving foreign exchange by reducing oil imports. This one is a gradual benefit which will show a significant change when we all stop the use of conventional fuel-dependent vehicles and switch to Ampere electric scooters.

LOCKDOWN: A BLESSING IN DISGUISE? Is Lockdown a Blessing in Disguise?

The drastic change in the air quality, which admittedly hasn’t gone unnoticed, brought about within the span of lockdown days, has proven to be our calm amidst the chaos.
The image below shows a significant drop in the CO2 levels in the Indian atmosphere (up to 71% in few states) because of very low vehicular emission.

Map of India depicting change in Air Quality after COVID-19 lockdown

Source: European Space Agency

Nature is healing, or let’s say recharging itself. We have been granted the gift of a cleaner and better environment which not only has some very obvious health benefits but also aids our mental peace and well-being. Not everyone gets a second chance; let’s not waste it. Let’s not undo what mother nature has done right. We need to do our bit and drive this change. 

It is high time we stop the usage of toxic emissions releasing fuel vehicles. Switch to electric to keep reaping the benefits of a healthy environment.

Environment-friendly vehicles will soon cease to be an option…they will become a necessity.”

Wake up to a cleaner, clearer, healthier world. For a better tomorrow, let’s make a better choice today. Let’s go electric today!