How can life be simplified with an electric scooter?

My professor once told me, “we live in a VUCA world”. Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous. And I could never really discern the intensity or extent of this statement, until today. When the whole world has come to a standstill and we are all hostages in our homes. This slowdown was essential. We were living without contemplating the consequences of sequentially inappropriate actions. For instance, number of fuel-based cars and bikes have increased drastically in last the last decade; so, has the number of electric scooters and vehicles in the last couple of years. But, even then, today, the streets look as empty as it is 1920, and not 2020. 

Everyone is suffering equally; praying, healing, and hoping for a better tomorrow. Whereas the fact of the matter is that all this time, our tomorrow was in our hands, and we let it slip. This hour of need to introspect our life, and our eco-system must be fruitful.

Virtual engagement has become the new normal, everyone has learned to look beyond the material chattels, appreciate the little things in life, and realize that the health and well-being of the family are all that matters. 

While everyone has their own way of dealing with the lockdown and spending their ‘valuable’ time. My daily routine consists of movies in the day and photography by the evening. Primarily, the reason why much of my conversations are driven by ‘Bollywood.’ And towards appreciating the various hues of the blue sky with beautiful birds and their chirping in the backdrop. Also, sometimes the sky is pink.

Journey of Ampere Vehicles

This newly vested interest in wanting to keep enjoying these picturesque views and breathe fresh, crisp air has led me to the most sustainable and eco-friendly means of commute available today – Electric Scooter. Because, Zindagi na Milegi Dobara (You Only Live Once). 



Electric Scooter Battery
  • A typical two-wheeler spews harmful gases in the form of micro carbon particulate, greenhouse gases, traces of sulphur, etc. All of which can foment the development of severe respiratory diseases such as asthma, lung cancer, etc. According to the DIU analysis, pollution statistics in few parts of northern India recorded in Nov 2019 were toxic to a degree equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes a day. On the contrary an electric two-wheeler emits zero fuel emissions and greenhouse gases, thus, improving the air quality. And it is quieter, therefore, it helps contain noise pollution as well.


  • Electric two-wheeler is easy on the pocket. Enough money is saved on petrol cost, maintenance, insurance, registration, parking fees, etc. Even after including the electricity cost for charging (which is practically significantly lesser than the cost of the petrol required for the same distance), you can easily get the Return on Investment within 2-3 years (varies as per your usage). After all, the whole thing is that ‘ki bhaiya sabse bada rupaiya’. (It’s all about the money, bro!)


    • Government of India has highly emphasized over the dire need of electric vehicles and thus brought about few policy changes which
      1) directs the installation of infrastructure for Electric Vehicle charging.
      2) by 2030 all the two-wheelers sold under 150cc category shall be electric.
      3) by 2030 all the government vehicles must be electric.
      FAME-II subsidy practically shouts out to all the cash crunched people wanting to make the switch to electric, Mai hoon naa(I’m there for you). It also provides a subsidy of on battery-operated two-wheeler and GST reduction from 12% to 5%. This is a great boon for smart electric scooter buyers who are, in a way, incentivised for their gesture to drive a zero emission vehicle.
    • With the ever-fluctuating crude oil prices, the dependency on imports for fuel must be impeded for economic growth. ಆಂಪೀರ್ Electric Vehicles manufactures all its vehicles indigenously. The company believes in responsible promotion of Make in India. Ampere features as one of the fastest growing brands with higher impetus on quality, durability & reliability besides supporting extraordinary savings on daily basis.


  • For those kids who have just begun learning to drive and/or do not have a driving license yet, low-speed electric vehicles (do not require a driving license) are the most viable choice providing a legal option and a sense of safety due to its restricted speed. After all you should live your live fully & experience freedom like Azad Parindey (free birds).


    • Even after the lockdown is lifted, we would still maintain a certain level of hygiene and precautions. Avoiding public transport (avoid infection due to close proximity) would be of paramount importance. Thus, for your daily commutes electric scooter is the ideal choice. Find your freedom from the confinements of public transportation.

    Amp Up Your Life

    Mass adoption of electric vehicle is quintessential to address the climate change. Battery-operated automobiles are no longer a fad. They have entrenched their space in our routine ecosystem and are in for a long haul. They are the turning into the present, and for sure future of automobiles. Life can be simplified, beautified, and healthified with an electric scooter.

     We all need to do is fuel the EV revolution. #KalKoBachaao

    And, unlike Arjun Reddy (or Kabir Singh or Adithya Verma), we are rebels with a cause.



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