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About Magnus 60

Ampere Magnus 60 is an electric scooter made for long distance travels. The specific feature of this e-scooter is the optimum range delivered on a single charge. The scooter is designed considering everyday mobility needs. On a single charge this electric bike can efficiently cover 45-50 km.

दूरी जिस पर आपका हक है.
आराम जो आपकी ज़रूरत है.

मैग्नस 60 को रोजाना लंबी दूरी तय करने के लिए बनाया गया है. इससे मिले शानदार स्टाइल और बेहतरीन आराम, हर तरह की सड़कों पर. हमारे वाहन आपके आराम को बरकरार रखते हुए भारी बारिश से लेकर गड्ढों तक को झेलने में सक्षम हैं.

Price & Availability of
Magnus 60 Electric Scooter

Magnus 60 by Ampere Electric Vehicles is priced at Rs. 44,699* (Ex. Showroom Bengaluru for Lead Acid 20AH Battery). This electric scooter is manufactured at Ampere’s production unit in Coimbatore.  Magnus 60 e-scooter is available across Ampere showrooms in India.  This battery-operated two-wheeler is popular in various cities in India, especially metros. Ampere Magnus 60 is one of the best electric scooters in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Pune and Delhi.

Price & Availability of
Magnus 60 Electric Scooter

Why एम्पीयर Magnus 60?

Powered by Greaves Cotton, Ampere Magnus 60 is a durable electric scooter designed especially for Indian roads. Apart from comfortable riding and sturdiness, there are other benefits as well.

Light Weight

The weight of Magnus 60 electric scooter is 94 Kg. The light weightiness allows easy navigation. Making every ride a comfortable one.

Powerful Shock Absorbers

Since Magnus 60 is made for Indian roads, the shock absorbers are powerful and durable. You can check it yourself by booking a test ride online.

Long Range

The range of Ampere Magnus electric scooter is 45 – 50 Kms per charge. Optimum range for driving in 1 day, this makes Magnus one of the best electric scooters in India.


Magnus 60 is an electric scooter for everyone. As the ride can go up to 45 – 50 Km per charge, it’s beneficial for small restaurants, delivery boys and grocery stores. The electricity charge consumption is low and, with electric scooters you save on operational costs. Check out the savings as per your use with Cost Saving Calculator.

Battery, Charging & Brakes

Magnus 60 uses a 60 V/ 20 Ah Sealed Lead Acid battery. A full charge takes approximately 8 – 10 hours. You can charge the battery at home during the night while sleeping, or in office while you are working. The front and rear tyres have drum brakes that ensure longevity of the tyres and provide you with extra security.

Body Looks & Warranty

It has smooth flowing lines with chrome accents on the headlamp and front apron. Minimal use of graphics gives a cleaner and elegant look. Magnus 60 offers good boot space and ample legroom. This electric scooter is available in 3 colours: Red, Grey & black. Ampere Electric Vehicles provides one-year warranty on key components of Magnus 60 – battery, motor, controller, charger, DC to DC Converter.  

पॉवर और रेंज

45-50 कि.मी

प्रति चार्जिंग


8-10 घंटे की



चार्जिंग समय8 - 10 Hoursचार्जर रेटिंग60 V / 2.7 A
रेंज प्रति चार्जिंग45 - 50 Kmकिलोग्राम में कर्ब वेट94
गति25 kmphलंबाई (मि.मी.)1880
पेलोड130 Kgचौड़ाई (मि.मी.)710
बैटरी क्षमता60 V/ 20 Ahऊँचाई (मि.मी.)1190
मोटर क्षमता250 Wव्हील बेस (मि.मी.)1415
मोटर का प्रकारBLDCबैटरी का जीवनकाल (चक्रों की संख्या)300 Cycles at 25 degree, 100% DOD
बैटरी का प्रकारSealed Lead Acidवारंटी1 Year for battery, motor, controller, charger, DC to DC Converter.

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रंग की

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Impact of Electric Scooters
on Environment

Electric Scooters go a long way in helping the environment. The eco-impact of every Electric Scooter is equivalent that to planting of 12 trees ( As per source – Let us get together and use this eco-friendly mode of transportation and make earth a better place to live. 

* – Ex-Showroom price. The price may vary from city to city depending on the state taxes related to electric vehicles.


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