This electric vehicle is causing a silent revolution

We all have always wondered, with the literacy rate going up year-on-year, why are people getting so cranky? Well, we have been taught that everything is a race and there is no time for patience in a race. This might be true, nevertheless, isn’t it always a dark horse who wins the race? Appropriately, electric scooters in India are turning out to be the dark horse. Why? Let us find it here.
A long traffic jam on a city road

Why are Electric Scooters Needed in Urban India?

I use my fingertips to close my ears. It has become such a pain to be on the city roads. Between the sounds of car horns, sirens, construction noise and people yelling, background noise can easily reach 85 decibels. And while this falls in the harmful noise range, it can also disrupt your sleep, make you more prone to stress and even lead to heart diseases with elongate exposure.

To give you a background, I have been living in Mumbai all my life, which is 27 years to be precise. And throughout my adult life, there has not been a single day when I don’t get annoyed with the sound of incessant honking on the roads and automobiles whizzing past my balcony 24/7. My idea of a perfect holiday or getaway is somewhere quiet, away from the noise pollution. But, is automobile noise an indispensable part of city life? What if there are alternatives that are not only noise-free but also more sustainable and eco-friendlier? 

Where can you find Electric Scooters in India?

Last year, when a friend of mine introduced me to electric vehicles and how they are causing a silent revolution in a locality in Whitefield, Bengaluru, I was intrigued. But it was on a trip to the place that I realised how electric vehicles are not only silent, noise and fatigue-free when compared to the conventional petrol and diesel counterpart but they can literally be charged using a plug and a socket. Yes, you heard that right! 

So, why are electric vehicles a silent revolution, you wonder? 

The English Dictionary describes Revolution as a tumultuous and transformative event that attempts to change a nation, a region or society.

And over the course of civilization, there have been incidents where ordinary people came together to bring about a transformative change, for better or for worse. 

Electric vehicles have been a hot topic of discussion and for good reasons. Not only is this mode of transportation sustainable and eco-safe, but due to fewer moving parts, they are completely noise-free, befitting both residential and city centres. While noise pollution might seem trivial to many, vehicle noise is more than just a nuisance. Several studies suggest that noise pollution can cause an increased level of anxiety, depression and high blood pressure. 

Researchers in India have found that vehicle traffic is one of the main contributors to noise pollution. The most important factors raising noise pollution in urban areas are vehicular traffic, railway and air traffic [5,6]. Vehicular traffic contributes to about 55% of the total urban noise. [7-9]

So, after experiencing the silent revolution myself, when I came back to Mumbai, I booked myself my first electric bike, Ampere Magnus. Because as Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” 

What makes Ampere e-bikes much quieter than petrol and diesel variants?

If the electric bike is powered by a battery, it will have fewer moving parts than a conventional two-wheeler. A compact and quiet motor yields great acceleration. They also tend to have lower coefficients of drag, thus reducing wind passage noise at higher speeds.

Think about it like your phone or other electronic devices. You don’t hear a lot of noise coming from it, even when it is on and running. So, when you ride an battery-operated two-wheeler, there are no vrooms, hissing and revs that come from a fuel-powered vehicle. An EV is more like your phone.

And because electric car engines are silent, the push for alternative fuel could mean not just cleaner air and less pollution but quieter streets. Car horns can be made quieter too because they won’t be overpowered by revving engines. So, as electric vehicles become more popular, noises like people’s voices and bike bells might become dominant sounds of the city.
And if you are looking for smart ways to reduce carbon footprint, they are your best bet. These e-bikes are fatigue resistance, providing a compliant ride on rough surfaces absorbing road bumps. They offer state-of-the-art technology along with the perfect balance of style and ease of use for riders. They are equipped with ergonomic seats and stylish wheels for improved riding comfort and stability, making it a total showstopper. They provide you with a quick and comfortable drive to your destination. 

Additional Benefits of Ampere Electric Scooter

In addition to this, Ampere e-bikes are an excellent choice for not only those who are environment enthusiasts but also for those who are looking for an affordable option and a hassle-free purchase. Notably, e-bikes offer a very compelling cost-benefit when compared to fuel-run vehicles. Even taking into account the expense of replacing a battery, the cost difference is huge. Think about it! Would you prefer using a smart commute that is stress-free or be inside a four-wheeler stuck in traffic for hours? 

As we journey into the future, I hope the automobile industry continues to transform the way vehicles are driven and powered, inspiring and adding value for liveable and happier cities of the future. With boasting features like silent ride, great performance and immediate torque, consumers are taking great social pride and responsibility for contributing to a cleaner, greener, quieter city. And EVs are getting popular for both automobile lovers and environment enthusiasts alike, leaving us something to think about. What drives you?



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