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Wishing all of you a very happy and successful New Year 2019!

Ampere is an innovative technology company ventured for electric mobility focusses on job creation for the rural youth and women empowerment in transportation, engineering, and manufacturing sectors.

After being a key player for over a decade, Ampere successfully marching towards the next phase of our journey holding the hands of conglomerate, Greaves Cotton, to become a unicorn in electric mobility in India.

In the first decade, Ampere largely focussed on building technologies through lean engineering, sustenance and deep understanding on consumers as well as channel partners across the markets that we serve. Our next phase focusses on creating a world-class infrastructure for channel partners to serve our esteemed customer in every nook and corner of our country by establishing strong service, warranty and spare parts which are easily available and affordable.

With the widespread network base of Greaves, Ampere shall introduce two new models every year and built a customer relationship management system to integrate dealers and supply chain team to ensure seamless delivery and to enhance business prospects. We request your patience and understanding in our transition into a systems-based approach towards customer delight.

Our team is dedicated to do our utmost in our vision of bringing affordable mobility solutions through innovative business models.

I request every respectful citizen of our country to consciously migrate to Electric Mobility.

Let’s build a nation where we live in the moment and embrace love, peace, and joy in all our of endeavors.

With grit and gratitude,
Hema Annamalai

Insights from the DESK


Jan 19

Outstanding Woman

Her enthusiasm is infectious. She can sell ice to Eskimos. She doesn’t take no for an answer. There are no pauses between sentences when she talks, and before she’s done telling you about her dream of building ‘the Tesla Motors of India’, you are already rooting for her to succeed. What’s more, she already has the backing of two biggest Indian corporate honchos, Ratan Tata and Infosys co-founder, Kris Gopalakrishnan, who believed in her vision and have invested in her company. Meet Hemalatha Annamalai, CEO of Coimbatore-based Ampere Vehicles, who wants to lead the electric vehicles revolution in India. Her company manufactures electric cycles, scooters, three-wheelers and specially designed vehicles for the differently-abled.

The idea stemmed up in 2007, when Annamalai attended a conference in Japan, along with her husband Bala Pachyappa. One of the speakers at the conference spoke about electric vehicles being the future. “It definitely got me thinking. I realised that we have a lot of technology acumen in India and yet we are happy entering into partnerships with MNCs and giving them market access or copying their technology. How long are we going to write codes? This has to change. So, I decided to pack my bags and come back to India to start my venture,” says Annamalai. She, along with her family, was in Singapore at that time. She was all set.