Stressed about rising fuel costs? This could be the only solution!

A man refueling a scooter at petrol pump

There is no doubt that fuel prices have skyrocketed over the last few years. And as the prices continue to spike up, bothered consumers, right from the common man to businessmen all are feeling the burn. While this affects the overall economy, with fluctuating fuel prices, the prices of essential commodities such as food items, cereals, fruits, and vegetables fluctuate on a daily basis and there is little we can do about it. However, a small change I have made to my daily commute in the past year has improved my life quality. I started using electric scooters as a daily mode of transport. It has saved me time from frequent trips to petrol pumps and helped me contribute to an eco-friendly and eco-safe environment. How, you wonder? Read on to find out. 

Why I shifted to Electric Scooters?

After eight traffic-torn years in Bengaluru, I was eagerly looking for an alternative to my second-hand car. I was at the mercy of the rising fuel costs and even commuting to my office ended up costing me not only time but also big money. Turns out, it made me lose my peace of mind. I browsed the internet for the best alternatives and electric vehicles caught my attention. However, I was hesitant about the convenience and efficiency of an EV. My main worry was about battery performance. High cost, limited range, battery issues and spotty charging infrastructure are some of the most important and challenging components of battery powered vehicle.

Electric vehicles have graduated from a niche environmental concern to a mindful proposition as the technology becomes more advanced and manufacturers explore battery-driven alternatives.

One news headline caught my interest, “Petrol & Diesel get expensive but EV automobiles get cheaper.” This resonated with me and gave me that last push I needed to test out an electric bike in Bangalore!

After asking my friends and colleagues about the best options for EVs available in the market, I booked my first test drive with Ampere Electric Vehicles. Just like anyone is first time testing out an EV, I was curious, simultaneously, I had my doubts. New technology makes people uncomfortable. It is a part of human nature to have a fear of the unknown. But the idea of driving a vehicle that you plug into a wall socket than fill up at a petrol station sounded pretty good. Howbeit, I was apprehensive.

‘They must be slow!’ ‘No after-sales service.’ ‘What about charging?’ ‘How safe they really are?’ ‘Not the best for long distances.’ ‘It won’t go upslope easily!” “But they come with a price tag!” 

Answers To My Questions at Ampere Electric Vehicles 

My questions were promptly answered by the Ampere representative, Sachin Save, during my first test ride experience. His approach was honest and transparent, yet simple and assuring. Coming from an engineering background himself, Sachin was really passionate about EVs. Our conversation was like chatting with a friend over a cup of coffee. We discussed everything- from range, to batteries, to the technology that goes into building the future high-speed electric scooter. He made me fully understand the experience of daily ownership. Soon after I left the store, I was keen and interested and within the next 15 days, I bought my first electric automobile- Ampere Zeal.

According to a joint report released by Niti Aayog, accelerated adoption of electric and shared vehicles could save $60 billion in diesel and petrol costs while cutting down as much as 1 gigatonne (GT) of carbon emissions for India by 2030.

What Ampere Zeal had for me?

Ampere Zeal comes packed with portable Lithium-ion batteries and can go up to 75 kms on a single charge. It takes about 5+ hours to reach a full charge and can be charged at your convenience, think of it like you charge your mobile phone. By simply plugging it in a socket when you are not using it. While all this seemed promising at first, but within just one year of fully experiencing an electric vehicle, I have saved hundreds of trips to the petrol pump, reduced my carbon footprint and become completely energy independent when it comes to my daily commute. Apart from my office use, I also use my electric vehicle for grocery shopping, visiting a café or even for quick weekend getaways. All I must do is charge the batteries overnight and the next morning, I am on the go again! The EV goes smoothly in traffic and over flyovers without any effort, making it a perfect ride for city roads.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles over Fuel-Based Vehicles

As the Nobel Prize committee aptly put is: “Lithium-ion batteries have revolutionized our lives since they first entered the market in 1991. They have laid the foundation of a wireless, fossil fuel-free society, and are of the greatest benefit to humankind.”

Conventional petrol and diesel automobiles run on gas that comes from burning fossil fuels, one of the biggest contributions to accelerating climate change today. Battery powered electric automobiles run on electricity and are some of the cleanest and cheapest ways to drive. So, while the daily fluctuating fuel costs do not bother me anymore, but by simply making the switch to an electric scooter, I am also doing my bit to conserve the environment and combat climate change for the future generations. That is not all, I have also saved a considerable amount of money riding an electric automobile.

When I ride my Ampere Zeal, I feel at peace with myself and I am no longer worried about fluctuating fuel costs or refueling at crowded petrol pumps. All I have to do is simply charge my batteries overnight. Also, considering other electric scooter brands, Ampere Zeal has an electric scooter price that speaks for itself. In my opinion, it is one of the best value-for-money electric scooters in India.

Considering the trend of rising fuel prices and depleting sources of fossil fuels, the fear of increasing prices is even more now and an EV might just help you save money in the long run —and save the environment too. It is indubitably a win-win.



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