How I went green without planting a tree

It is just the beginning of the second decade of the 21st Century and I have already experienced a wide worldwide crash. With the likes of stock market downfalls, Coronavirus pandemic and global slowdown; it gave me time to think the consequences of my choices. Thus, electric vehicles come into the picture for me. The need of going green every day is to make the most of my choices, so, the next generation can learn from us.
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Why is Going Green important today?

Going green has always been a dubious proposition for me. Saving the planet and focusing my efforts on sustainable alternatives had not been a priority, like most people. Today, however, being sustainable is no longer at the cost of losing my mind. It is, in fact, a catalyst for economic growth, new opportunities, and innovation. One such green innovation has made my life easier and helped me reduce my carbon footprint while carrying on daily commute with minimal fuss. When it comes to being sustainable, we do not have to go on about marching for ‘fight climate change’ or participate in every tree plantation drive that comes our way. For when it comes to real change, even the smallest tool we have in our arsenal is consequential.  

How can we Go Green?

As electrification becomes more mainstream there are several remarkable changes happening today. These changes are not just technological or scientific, as electric vehicles are replacing internal combustion engines. They are changing the way we look at automobiles. Innovation and right investments in the sector have now made it possible for transportation to go electric in a colossal way. Widespread adoption of electric vehicles is now seen as a necessary step to solve the climate crisis. 

Why Choose Ampere Electric Vehicles? 

When I decided to make the switch to electric, I came across Ampere EV. While electric vehicles might seem like a new discovery, Ampere embraced this mode of transport back in 2008. As an early believer in the technology, the passionate engineers and designers at Ampere devised solutions to the battery dilemma, with a kind of internet-of-things technology play. Ampere was one of the first companies in India to decipher ways to make electric vehicles a mass revolution in the automobile space. 

So, if you’re thinking of switching to e-scooter, here’s how you can contribute to shrinking your negative impact on the planet, travel and commute hassle-free and even have more savings. Most of us don’t own electric scooters, but, now is the time to start thinking about the advantages of owning one: 

Becoming energy independent

One of the best features of electric scooters is that they can easily be powered by any electric source. You refuel it by plugging it into the charging unit or charging station, much like charging a mobile phone. So, by switching to electric, you become non-renewable energy independent since you no longer rely on fossil fuels. You can look at our blog on charging your electric scooter.

Low maintenance  

Petrol engines may require expensive maintenance and repair work from time to time. The long-term cost of maintaining a conventional two-wheeler is much higher than the price you pay upfront for an e-scooter. Since electric scooters also have fewer moving parts, it means low maintenance and seamless ownership experience.

Running costs 

Since you are not relying on fuel to run your vehicle, you are bound to save a lot of money with electric vehicles. Moreover, the prices of fuel are only predicted to go up and there might soon be a time that we entirely run out of it. While e-scooter might be slightly more expensive than conventional two-wheelers, over time, you end up saving on costs of refuelling, maintenance and replacement of parts.


In recent years, the performance levels of electric scooters have rocketed. They are now lighter, easy to charge and cost-effective — shifting people’s perception and hesitance. Electric scooters offer a smoother ride with lower levels of noise. A win-win solution, if you ask me!

My experience with an electric scooter

I get a lot of questions on was it difficult to switch to an electric after riding a conventional two-wheeler for almost a decade. And when I really think about it, it only requires a slight shift in the way we look at refuelling our vehicles. Say, for example, today, your vehicle is most likely to run only on fuel, requiring you to visit the petrol pump few times a week. However, electric scooters aren’t designed for petrol stations, since you can simply charge them at your convenience — at your home or office. Think of it just the way you think of your mobile phone. You usually charge it when you are not using it, either overnight or while at work.  When it comes to electric scooters, it is about the bigger picture. Electric scooters are cleaner, more sustainable for the planet. So, if in one year I was able to cut down my carbon footprint, it is equivalent to planting 12 trees, can you imagine the impact of half of the combust engine vehicles being replaced by EVs on the road?



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