What is the future of electric vehicles in India?

What is EV Day?

EV Day marks the importance of an important movement that spans globally. It is the day that commemorates the phenomenon of electric mobility. This day stands for the ecological shift into a sustainable new way of transport. One that benefits the consumer, the citizens, the business houses and most importantly, the environment.

Why is EV Day Important?

The first year of EV Day celebrates the causes and benefits that the electric vehicles industry is working towards. It aims to spread the importance and value of battery-operated automobiles through social media. In doing so, it hopes to engage people in understanding the positive impact EVs will have in the near as well as distant future.

E-Mobility is Fast Becoming the Choice of Vehicle in India

The use of electric vehicles has been rampant over several years globally. In India, this market is slowly becoming a household name. That being said, more and more companies are taking the initiative of recognizing the importance of electric vehicles. Newer models, each with better features than the previous are finding popularity. With increasing knowledge about the importance of EVs, higher support from the Government, India is heading in all the right directions.

Government Support and Increased Awareness

In 2019, the Government of India had initiated a decrease in GST rates of electric vehicles from 12% down to 5%. This endeavor has since fetched the industry number of newer customers and higher public awareness. This big move has been of tremendous benefit to the E-Mobility market and sales have boomed over the course of the last two years. Government backing has resulted in curiosity among the nation’s youth & e-mobility business groups as well. Electric vehicles are gaining momentum and this journey is only upwards from here.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

When you opt for an electric vehicle, you ensure environmental health, financial savings, and personal safety all at once. With the slashed GST rates, electric vehicles have become an investment in themselves. They provide long term savings at an affordable electric scooter price. Since these are battery powered vehicles, you no longer need to worry about increasing fuel prices. Instead, charge the batteries from the comfort of your own home. Convenience and safety go hand in hand when it comes to electric vehicles.

How Ampere Supports the Growth of Electric Vehicles

Ampere Vehicles has emerged as a leading name in the Electric Vehicles industry in India. It is home to a range of electric scooters promising superior performance and reliability. From high-speed electric scooters to scooters that are built to last on rough roads and harsh weather, Ampere has covered it all. Ampere electric has pioneered escooter revolution in India with products starting from 35000 onwards & easily suiting diverse needs of teenagers, students, housewives, office executives, delivery boys, senior citizens thus strongly present in B2C & B2B segments. Due to exhilarating riding experience & affordable cost economics vs any conventional petrol scooter, Ampere is well poised to democratize the mass mobility segment in India. We have over 250 stores and dealerships across the country with robust service & spares backup.

To build awareness on the need of saving the planet and to keep working towards spreading the green cover, Ampere takes pride in launching the ‘Kal Ko Bachao’ and the ‘Green Pledge’ campaign. Both campaigns have received great appreciation and following on the digital media.

Electric Vehicles: From Post Covid-19 to End of the 2020s

The pandemic has ushered in a whole new perspective towards the environment we live in. While the country was in lockdown, nature seemed to be healing. Pollution levels were down and the quality of air improved. Even in a post-Covid era, let’s keep doing what’s best for the world. Electric vehicles are pollution free and eco-friendly in nature compared to fuel-based vehicles. Making the switch from fuel to electric is the noble choice for a green future. After selling more than 60,000 e2W & still going on strongly, the company has ventured in to commercial mobility segment with e rickshaws.

Supporting the idea of making India go electric, the government released a proposal in 2019 in favor of electric vehicles. Its aim is to have electric three wheelers operational by 2023, and all-electric two-wheelers by the year 2025. This giant leap further strengthens the future of the EV market in India.



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